Booking a Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot


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Pregnancy is such a gift. In the last year, I’ve come to acknowledge that fact more and more. It isn’t something that happens to everyone easily, and it should be celebrated. That’s why I highly encourage booking a pregnancy announcement photoshoot!

As a mom of (almost) two kids, I’ve learned that documentation is so important. Pregnancy is a long journey, and it can be very taxing for individuals and families. That’s why making a fun announcement to get your army of aid prepared can be so much fun.

Some things that I recommend bringing to your pregnancy announcement photoshoot include:

  • Ultrasound (if you wait until after your first appointment!)
  • Letterboard
  • Family Onesie or Heirloom
  • Pregnancy Test (if you don’t have an ultrasound/announce early)
  • Baby shoes or Slippers

Honestly, it could also just be the two of you. Depending on your style of photography and posing, you can be very suggestive in a romantic, or even comical, way. The sky is the limit!


Let’s make magic and capture the milestones + memories together.

Determining the Right Time for a Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot

No one can tell you that. Pregnancy evokes a lot of emotions. For families who are expecting for the first time, maybe you can’t hold the excitement in… but that isn’t the case for everyone. As I mentioned earlier, pregnancy is a gift and everyone’s experience with it is so different.

Personally, Isaac and I waited to tell the world until several weeks after our wedding but announced it earlier to our families and close friends with James. Then, with this second pregnancy, we waited until after the first OB appointment to make sure the pregnancy was healthy. Absolutely no one can tell you the right time to make it public, but when you are ready, so am I.

Especially during the work week (M-F), my availability as a photographer is fairly open. That means if you think you’ve waited to long to officially book, you’re wrong! I love spontaneous shoots, and I love working with all of my families.

If you have more questions about pregnancy announcement sessions, just send me a message and let’s start the conversation! I am an open book.

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