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Sweet baby Jane absolutely killed her newborn session yesterday! Most newborn photos you see, there are sleeping babies, bundled in little wraps. However, this little girl was fed, happy, and wide awake.

Giving birth is not easy. That is one of the main reasons that I offer an in-home newborn session. The last thing you want to do as a new mom (even if you’ve been one before) is leave your home after birth. To get the best out of your session, it is recommended that you schedule your photoshoot within 14 days of birth.

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It is crazy how quickly babies change and grow. Jane was born in early February, and we were just barely meeting the 14 day time period. In my opinion, that is partly why little miss decided to stay awake for us!

Packing up my gear and bringing the studio to the home allows mom and dad to just relax. Dad was able to occupy big brother in the basement and mom could comfortably feed as needed.

Here are three more tips for in-home newborn sessions:

  1. Keep it warm. Babies love heat, so if you’re sweating, baby is thrilled. Especially if there are outfit changes involved.
  2. Allot extra time. Babies are unpredictable, kind of like South Dakota weather.
  3. Just stay calm. Babies are going to cry… if you begin to get anxious, don’t be afraid to step away. Ask dad to come be with me while you get a drink. If it’s just us, no worries! I am a mom myself, so I am okay to hold a baby if you need a minute.

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