From weddings in my home area of Rapid City, SD to adventure and destination elopements and weddings in National Parks or across the nation, I love what I do. Providing professional quality images and video with an amazing, fun experience that you won’t forget, I also help plan your day. I make it easy.

I am a travel and destination wedding videographer and photographer who loves to capture milestones in life along the journey.


I am a wife, mother, and all around entrepreneur who loves pursuing photo, video, and writing to capture milestones in life. 

You deserve someone who invests everything in you. Why should I ask you to invest in me and expect nothing in return? It’s not just a click of a button. Capturing your milestones is a big responsibility, and I understand the responsibility. With my experience, education, professional equipment, and knowledge how to pose naturally and work in any lighting scenario, I will be there for you 100 percent of the way. 

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Let's get a little more personal:

I went to Black Hills State University and graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in photography with a minor in journalism. During my time there, I met my husband, grew as an individual, and discovered my true passions. My skills expanded and I learned how to best serve my clients in any medium that I service including photography, film, and writing. 

A story of love, growth, independence, etc. All mediums come back to the root story.

When it comes down to it, I realize my passions all revolve around sharing a story.

- Sarah

South Dakota based Travel and Destination Wedding Videographer and Photographer

with a passion for writing and telling stories

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She is so friendly and sweet!

Word in the Hills...

She pays attention to the details and captures all of the amazing memories! My husband and I watch our wedding video all the time and are brought to tears EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Our video is high quality and she put everything together so perfectly. We love our video and will cherish it for the rest of our lives. Thank you Sarah, we are truly blessed!

Drew + Will Garrett

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