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The Pulse Podcast Artist Features

From Iowa originally, Clayton spent a lot of time in the Hills with family growing up and now calls it home. Clayton has had a lifetime of music and plays multiple instruments. After he moved to the Hills he joined up with the Brandon Jones Band, continues to sing and write his own music fulltime, […]


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The Pulse Podcast Artist Features

Music didn’t seem like it was always going to be in his future, but Brandon Jones has become a popular with locals and is taking his band to new levels every year. This episode takes us back to his introduction to music as a child to how music became part of his proposal to his […]


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The Pulse Podcast Artist Features

So far we’ve heard from digital and studio artists, authors, and artists with a wide imagination for the world of the unknown. Lucas Olson brings something new to the table. Music! Not your typical midwestern country artist, Olson prefers blues and jazz. Listen to his journey to now and advice to others in the latest […]


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When it’s time for toasts, it’s typical to pour yourself a glass of champagne or to grab a shot from the bar. However, not everyone chooses to have alcohol on their big day or opts to have kid-friendly alternatives. Alternatives like Bubbly Belle. Join me in my discussion with Finley as we chat about… Be […]

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