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This teaser episode gives a little insight and background into what this podcast, and what I am all about. 

Pulse is defined as an arterial palpation or a strong regular beating or throbbing. Every artist lives in their work. In this podcast, discover artists in the Black Hills who uncover new techniques and live passionately for their work.

The voice behind the podcast, I started The Pulse in response to the positive feedback and reach through my written artist features. The journey began during my internship with Evergreen Media; I pitched an idea to write about some of the artists in the Hills for their publication Black Hills Visitor. With the rich culture and tradition in the hills, there’s a great deal of talented local artists. Continuing the project on my own (outside of work), I started to get buried. 

The goal of the podcast is to produce artist features in a more timely manor and to share their stories. It is a way for locals and those across the state to hear directly from the artist themselves.

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