Three Ways Women Are Building Confidence Through Boudoir


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Boudoir shouldn’t be something scary. It’s beautiful, and it’s uplifting. One of my favorite reasons for booking boudoir sessions is because I get to see the confidence build in each person as the session progresses.

Let’s talk about the top three ways to build confidence in your session!

1. Be upfront with your boudoir photographer.

Part of what helps you build confidence in your session is making you feel comfortable. Be honest with your photographer about your expectations! Let them know what you love about your body, and let them know what may be tough for you.

2. Think outside of the box… or in this case, the bedroom.

Who said that boudoir has to be in a bedroom? Honestly, not me! When I planned my boudoir marathon last month, I was thinking up ways to get out of the bedrooms. It is definitely traditional but not necessary. Some location ideas I came up with:

  1. Bathroom: Thinking steamy showers. Relaxing bubble baths.
  2. Kitchen: Comfortable cooking on a Saturday morning…
  3. Library: Casual entertainment.
  4. Outdoors: Picture a classical motorcycle or car. The natural beauty of the beautiful Black Hills.

3. Make your session, truly you.

Part of what helps you build confidence in your session is making you feel comfortable. Want to be a little witchy? Go for it. Looking to include your favorite props or jewelry? I’m down! Whatever you want to wear or incorporate in your session to make it truly yours, I’m excited about, too.

If you have questions because you aren’t sure how to feel comfortable in an outfit, I’m your new best friend. Send me a message when you are picking outfits, and I am happy to give you my input.


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