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Our children grow up in a blink of an eye. Just like that the milestones and memories are gone. That’s why it’s important to hire a photographer while they are little! One of my favorite types of sessions are milestones.

Suggested every few months after birth, a milestone session is tracking memories and moments in time for each of your kids. From newborn to one year old, babies change so much, so let’s document the time together! After your baby turns one, sessions become more of an annual occurrence.

When should I schedule my milestone sessions?

As a typical guide, photographer’s schedules start booking up rather quickly as the season progresses. When you find out you are pregnant, your search for a photographer already begins: maybe you’re looking for a maternity photographer, birth photographer, or even just a newborn photographer.

So dig deep and find someone who:

  1. Offers a bundle package,
  2. Has experience with multiple session types,
  3. Can handle lighting in any situation,
  4. and someone whose personality clicks with what you are looking for.

That last one doesn’t seem like it should be as important, but it’s almost the most important! You want to really click with your photographer because milestones and memories are sacred. During a lot of these sessions you are trusting your photographer with precious moments in your home, the hospital room, or wherever it may be!

Anywho…. you want to start scheduling your milestone sessions as early as before the baby is born. When you book your sessions with me, we set up the length and type of session, decide on a date, and come back to the time a few weeks before the session. Why?! Good question. Baby’s are funny. Their schedule’s don’t always stay the same, so I like to be flexible. What happens if we set the session for 2pm on a Monday, and after the baby is born you discover that is the prime nap time!? Trust me, no one wants to wake a sleeping baby. So if you are willing to be flexible, I can be, too!


Let’s chat!

Meladee has been one of my favorite subjects to capture in 2022! Her family moved to the area after she was born, but reached out to get her six, nine, and 12-month sessions scheduled. It’s so fun to see how much she has changed over time and see her confidence grow!

When we started in the spring, she could barely sit up on her own, and now she’s a runner!

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