(Cake) Smashing into a New Year


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A trend for years now, has been celebrating every first birthday with a styled cake smashing. Whether that styled smash is captured on camera is up to you. Of course, you could always pull out your new iPhone or point and shoot camera, but nothing compares to the quality you will get from hiring a professional photographer.

Here are three reasons to hire a photographer for your child’s first birthday cake smash.

  1. You can be included on the session. Enjoy the moment. Soak it in. It’s hard to really be present and take in the memories when you are the one trying to snap all of the photos!
  2. It is an important milestone. Just like your wedding, it is only going to happen once. Professionals will know what angles to get and how to capture the best parts.
  3. The images will be of good quality to print and share. Not everyone is going to be able to see the experience. Hiring a professional will allow you to share quality photographs online. Not only will you get quality digital downloads, but you can also PRINT your photos to hang at home or bring into your office.

See an example gallery here.

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Cake smashing is the act of simply destroying a cake… let’s make memories together!

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