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Alternative wedding décor like balloon garlands aren’t always the “go-to” or trendy idea these days, but it is definitely fun. Naomi Banks and Makaila Salmeron recognized the need for an affordable garland setup in the Black Hills area and began their partnership and business – Garland Girls.

Join me in my discussion with Garland Girls as we discuss…

  1. What it is to be a military (Air Force) wife and mother;
  2. How Naomi and Makaila came to the Hills and opened their business and the positive impact COVID-19 had;
  3. Managing a woman-owned business and balancing life with kids;
  4. Staying on top of trends (ever heard of a balloon bouquet?);
  5. How to/when to incorporate balloon garlands in your wedding décor and overall plans;

…and of course the definition of art and advice to others. We definitely got off track from the normal wedding and art discussions, but it was so great to get to know these two a little more.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Black Hills, we are home to one of the 59 active duty Air Force bases in the United States. While Makaila and Naomi won’t be here forever, I think it’s an important aspect of their journey and our area to discuss!

Messages from The Garland Girls – Naomi + Makaila

Hi, I’m Naomi Banks! I am a wife and mother who you can find slangin’ weights at the gym when I’m not working on balloon garlands. I love being able to be creative and show my personality when making a garland, and I am so excited to see where Garland Girls will take us.

“The earth without art would be eh.”


Demetri martin

Hey y’all, I’m Makaila Salmeron! I am a wife and mother who is always on the go whether I’m at the gym, behind a computer screen finishing an assignment, or doing a balloon set-up. I love being able to bring out the creative side of myself when it comes to constructing a balloon garland and bringing our clients vision to life.

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A note to my audience: I no longer transcribe individual episodes. My free trial for my transcription service ran out so it would probably take me… I don’t know… forever to transcribe each individual episode. As much as I wish to cater to audiences of all kinds, I unfortunately don’t have the manpower to transcribe at this time. If you would like a better recap of some of the advice and have a disability or are unable to listen to the episode on the platforms where it is hosted, please contact me. I would be happy to sit down with you.

episode Recorded 04/08/2022  | Released 05/06/2022

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