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Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a large piece of artwork from your special day to hang in your room or over a fireplace? Sure you’ve got the photography, but why not have something unique and one-of-a-kind? That’s what Shalayne Mowry offers – live wedding painting with a gift to last a lifetime!

Join me in my discussion with Shalayne as we discuss…

  1. Our mutual move to Spearfish and the Hills for Black Hills State University;
  2. Shalayne’s discovery and passion for art;
  3. Our connections to the Jacobs family in Deadwood;

*fun fact! I never got Scott Jacobs to come onto my podcast, but I did get to interview him a while back during my internship with Evergreen Media and Black Hills Visitor Magazine. You can read the article I wrote on him, here.

Other topics we discuss…

  1. The impressionism style of art and painting;
  2. The demand increase for live painting;
  3. The ability to travel for weddings as artists and the dream of it becoming a reality;

…and of course the definition of art and advice to others.

Shalayne does both live wedding painting as well as portrait pieces chosen from images that the photographer has taken from the day. The big difference is that the live painting is done almost completely the day of. Tune into the later part of our conversation, around 18 minutes, to hear the process!

Shalayne is a Black Hills based artist specializing in live wedding painting. While live painting, Shalayne captures the couples’ chosen moment during the ceremony/reception. Her impressionistic style tangibly captures the movementĀ and energy of the day.

Be sure to follow Shalayne on Instagram and Facebook! You can also see her full portfolio on her website: https://www.shalaynemowry.com/

A note to my audience: I no longer transcribe individual episodes. My free trial for my transcription service ran out so it would probably take me… I don’t know… forever to transcribe each individual episode. As much as I wish to cater to audiences of all kinds, I unfortunately don’t have the manpower to transcribe at this time. If you would like a better recap of some of the advice and have a disability or are unable to listen to the episode on the platforms where it is hosted, please contact me. I would be happy to sit down with you.

episode Recorded 05/02/2022  | Released 05/28/2022

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