The Grassel Family is Moving to Sturgis


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Welp folks… I didn’t see that one coming! Isaac’s new promotion is taking our family to the Northern Hills once more, but we are moving to Sturgis. It’s super exciting… also very chaotic and maybe just a little nerve-wracking.

Of course, we’ve known about it for a few months now.

It didn’t take very long for us to find the house of our dreams, but the housing market started to take a turn as soon as we listed our house for sale. After almost two months, we finally got an offer and decided to make it work. While it wasn’t quite what we were hoping for, we couldn’t risk not trying or we may have lost our new home.

Because we had the extra time to think about things, the shock of moving has settled in. We are ready to begin our new adventure. I am mostly ready to start nesting before baby Grassel #2 decides to make his appearance.

However, we have had a lot of memories and moments in our first home together. From bringing home our first pets to our first little baby, it’s a little hard to let go. We also slowly started making the house our home. We painted nearly the entire upstairs, installed dimmable lights in 85% of the house, and took out the carpeting on the first floor, too. That may have been one of the biggest improvements!

Being that I am a photographer, I wanted to leave with a bang! I asked my good friend, Kreative Memories Photography over in Gillette to help capture some final moments for us in our favorite room of the house.

It’s going to be a little bittersweet saying “good-bye” to this old house, but the move to Sturgis is an exciting new step for the Grassel family.

Moving to Sturgis with Pets + Little Ones

Anyone have tips for helping kids and pets adjust to such a big change? It’s one of the biggest challenges we have ahead of us. I am definitely a little nervous for how the cat will adjust to four different levels, and how James is going to sleep in such a new environment. I think I will be bracing myself for tantrums ahead and possibly some kitty messes to clean… wish me luck!

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