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My first wedding back in business after my short maternity leave is one I will always cherish. High school sweethearts, Ashlyn and Scott tied the knot in my hometown back in Iowa this summer.

I was so honored that Ashlyn asked me to be her photographer. Ever since preschool, she and I had been best friends. Many late nights were spent binging shows we loved, eating lots of pizza, and sharing secrets. Through the years, we watched each other grow.

We each changed and grew into ourselves as individuals. In high school, she and Scott started dating. There’s no doubt that these two are meant for each other, and their Iowa wedding was absolutely beautiful.

Iowa Wedding, Wandering Wilde Media

There were so many personal touches included throughout the course of the day. For example, the wedding had themes of camouflage to incorporate Scott and Ashlyn’s love of fishing and outdoors. One of my favorite touches was the cake topper! For as long as I have known Ashlyn, she has collected two things: sewing thimbles and precious moments d├ęcor.

Iowa Wedding, Wandering Wilde Media

Lastly, as far as how things went on my end after pregnancy? Well, there was definitely some adjustment, but I quickly learned how to fit in time to pump and still perform the task at hand. I wasn’t too upset about having to drive back for the Iowa wedding. It was great to see my parents and to catch up with my former BFFAELLTTEOTW (this was an acronym Ashlyn and I came up with in middle school: best friends forever and ever, life long, ’til the end of the world… yeah, we were goofs!)

To the newlyweds: Thank you. I will cherish our friendship forever. Wishing you all the love and happiness in your future together, as Mr. and Mrs.

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Venue: Loyal Order of Moose, Lodge + First Baptist Church

Florals: Hyvee

Cake Topper: These “Precious Moments”

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