How to ELOPE as a Catholic


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You read that right. Yes. You can elope as a catholic! It just requires a little more planning and intention. It also twists the traditional view of an elopement, but that is truly what elopements are about – breaking tradition.

If you have ever wanted to respect the sacrament of marriage but still want the beautiful elopement experience. It is possible. Keep reading!!

How to Honor the Sacrament + Elope as a Catholic

Hear me out. Two-Day Celebration.

In the world of weddings, couples are increasingly seeking unique and personal ways to celebrate their love. For those who are deeply rooted in the Catholic faith but also yearn for an intimate outdoor experience, a multi-day elopement could be the perfect blend of tradition and nature.

Day One: Begin your celebration with a heartfelt mass in the presence of close family and friends. Choose a quaint Catholic chapel or a approved outdoor setting for a more personal touch. Keep it intimate, allowing the sacrament of marriage to take center stage. After exchanging vows, retreat to a private dinner where you can savor the moment with your nearest and dearest.

This initial day sets the foundation for a profound connection with your faith and loved ones. By focusing on the sacrament in a close-knit setting, you can create memories that go beyond the conventional wedding experience.

Day Two: As the sun rises on the second day of your celebration, a new adventure awaits. Take your celebration to new heights – both metaphorically and literally. On the second day, embark on a hiking adventure to your favorite spot, where nature becomes the backdrop for your personalized vows. The rustle of leaves and the whisper of the wind become witnesses to your commitment. Picture exchanging promises with the vast sky above and breathtaking landscapes surrounding you.

This outdoor excursion not only provides a stunning setting but also symbolizes the journey you’re about to embark on together. Whether it’s a mountaintop or a secluded meadow, let the beauty of nature enhance the significance of your commitment.

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Multi-Day Weddings ARE NOT New

Cultures worldwide have embraced the concept of multi-day weddings, recognizing the value of savoring each aspect of the celebration. This trend aligns seamlessly with the desire to fuse traditional Catholic ceremonies with the joys of an outdoor experience. The dichotomy between sacred tradition and the untamed outdoors can be a harmonious celebration of love.

Choosing a multi-day elopement allows you to engage in the sacrament of marriage within the Catholic Church while prioritizing a unique and personalized celebration. It’s an opportunity to create a wedding experience that reflects your values and desires.

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