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Yesterday was a day I won’t forget anytime soon. James met another milestone and has a new haircut. We said goodbye to the curls, and I didn’t even shed a tear (can’t say the same thing about James!). If you are rounding the corner to your first haircut milestone, don’t forget to capture the memories.

We knew this day was coming for quite a while. Isaac was tired of combing out knots, and I was tired of all the food James would hide in his locks. One of my favorite looks was how his little curls in the back would just dry so neatly after a bath or shower. It honestly lasted about five minutes though before James managed to destroy his hair completely.

Making the hardest decision, Isaac and I knew it was the right time. I made the appointment online at The Kidz Salon in Rapid City, and didn’t look back. Of course, being in South Dakota we got snowed out of the first appointment. After rescheduling, we finally made the trip down (on another snowy day).

All in all, this haircut milestone was a success! James absolutely loved the little firetruck station that the salon had, and even got to wear an adorable red coat to match. The hairdresser was so patient with him, and with a little extra help from his favorite song, “I’ve Got A Dream” from Tangled, James handled the experience like a champ.

The hardest part of the experience for James was the electric clippers. With it being a new sound, new sensation, and new person touching him, James was definitely overwhelmed.

At the end of the experience, Isaac and I realized just how much James has grown. We said “goodbye” to his curls, and “hello” to our new toddler (monster, goblin, monkey… same thing, right?).

Handing off the Camera for the Haircut Milestone

I had to put the camera down for a minute to console the little dude, but Isaac helped to continue documenting the experience. As parents, we love capturing little milestones like this along the way as our kids grow, but we also recognize that the needs of our kids come first. While I love photography, in that moment, James needed his momma. I was happy to help, and I love the moments that Isaac was able to capture for us!

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