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Through these last few weeks as I have begun picking up work for my business as a portrait photographer, James has become momma’s biggest little helper. Thanks to everyone’s patience as I adapt to being a new mom and to a little invention called the Boba wrap, I am able to continue being self-employed while going into the workplace once a week.

Boba wrap with James

If it weren’t for the wrap, I don’t think I would be able to get anything done. James loves to be held and he loves being close to people. I think it’s because he likes to listen to either our heartbeats or our breathing. Putting him down works for a little, especially if we’ve just fed, but it isn’t a guarantee.

With the wrap, I am able to use both hands! I can operate with one, but I get a lot more accomplished with both. The wrap is my hands free device and a sure way to put James to sleep.

Although, as he is getting older, sleep is not his favorite activity. During the day he is becoming more and more awake. I don’t object to that either, because holy cow, look at his smiles! They melt my heart…. and so do his tears when he is fighting sleep.

James’ New Title: Photographer/Assistant

What is the best way to get people to smile? Bring a smiley baby to their photo session. Not gonna lie, if my mother in law wasn’t there to watch James, I probably would have been too distracted myself. James is not really a big helper, but I like to think of him that way. He definitely brings on the emotion!

I am so grateful to work in an industry where people are beginning their own families and understand the complications and scheduling conflicts with newborns. My clients are always the best, especially when I get to know them and call them my friends. And check out these photos I captured at their engagement session!

Chris and Sydny are college friends of mine. The three of us studied photography together at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD. They really know each other and how to interact with one another during a session! While most photographer’s shy away from being in front of camera, it was hard to get Chris and Sydny to be serious. I know, what a problem, right!?

This quick engagement session was perfect to include Sydny’s home state (Wyoming – see Devil’s Tower?) in some photos. It is definitely a great way to add something unique and special that means something to them.

I couldn’t be more excited for their wedding this fall! I won’t be their photographer, but I will be filming the day alongside the team of vendors.

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