Oh Deer, We Went Wandering Wilde in Glacier National Park


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This cute little deer was found adventuring on the floors of the Glacier National Park forest. James just turned two months old last Tuesday (July 20).

Isaac’s mom, Nancy, and I took a week to explore the Glacier National Park with James. Several months before, I had booked a destination, intimate, wedding there. Because I’ve never been there, I wanted to turn it into a mini vacation. The trip did not disappoint.

The first day we arrived, it was incredibly smoky. We couldn’t even see that there were mountains, and we were staying in East Glacier Village, just outside of the park. Not going to lie, I was worried our vacation was going to turn into one long car ride because of the air quality… I didn’t want to take James outside in it.

Thankfully, I woke up the next day to a beautiful surprise! The smoke was clearing up and by the day after the wedding, it was almost entirely out of the area.

Here are a few images that are my favorite from the trip:

Exploring Glacier National Park

We did a lot of just driving along the Going to the Sun road and stopping along the way for photos. Additionally, we explored West Glacier, purchased some huckleberry treats and souvenirs, watched four rams cross the road, witnessed a few bear sightings, “hiked” the Trail of the Cedars, and I dove into Lake McDonald… well, slowly walked into it and sort of fell in. I’m a bit unbalanced, what can I say?

Honestly, the best part was the lake. I’m such a lake person. Many summers growing up, I spent time with my mom’s family in upstate New York on the finger lakes of the Adirondack Mountains. I miss being there; I miss waking up to the mist rising off the lake, the beautiful eerie sound of loons, and a delicious cup of cocoa by the warm fire. More than that, I miss feeding “Chippy” the chipmunk, burying cousins in the sand, and going tubing… well getting thrown off the tube because of my crazy uncle, haha. There are many fond memories from up there, and swimming in Lake McDonald just made me reminisce of the good times… I could have stayed there in that spot for days.

Also, I just really loved getting James out into nature! All that fresh air is great for him.

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