Planning Tips For A Winery Wedding


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Are you a newly engaged couple looking for their perfect venue? Love wine? Reside in South Dakota? Are wanting to get married in a unique location? Look no further! Because, I have the perfect plan and location for you! Plan a winery wedding for all your friends and family to celebrate your love at the Prairie Berry Winery in Hill City, South Dakota!

But Why Prairie Berry Winery?

First and foremost, let’s talk about the benefits of getting married at this stunning location. This venue is the perfect location for a mix of elegant yet casual vibes. This venue is not like the usual rustic or barn venue that you normally find in the South Dakota area. It is set in the heart of the Black Hills and has everything you need to host your big day! They seat up to 150 guests and has a covered porch for the unpredictable weather. They are also open year round and have stunning Black Hills views.

As Prairie Berry Winery would say it is time to “say ‘I do’ with a view!!” Come see this amazing location HERE. Then, you’ll be able to see if this is exactly what you are looking for in your winery wedding day.

This amazing wedding day with Nikki and David at the Prairie Berry Winery was stunning! Now you can picture exactly what your day could look like too.

Have I convinced you to have a winery wedding yet?


Check Availability and Pricing for Photography and/or Videography!

If not, get ready! I am giving you my top FIVE planning tips that will 100% convince you to have a winery wedding, too! Just like these two did.

Consider a week day wedding

Since wineries are the most popular on weekends, meaning they are in more high demand, it is likely that they will charge more during the weekend versus weekday. When deciding what day to have your winery wedding on think about possibly doing it on a Thursday. You could save thousands of dollars this way!

Variety of drink choices

If you are planning on having a winery wedding make sure you have other beverage options for your guests. Include drinks other than the winery’s wine selection! Be mindful that not all of your guests will be wine drinkers.

Décor can be outside the box

Although your wedding is at a winery it doesn’t mean you have to focus only on winery related decorations. You can have none of your decorations be on theme of getting married at a winery. Instead of corks as décor, what else could you do? This beautiful couple went with a lace and elegant theme. Think of this location as a venue with a stunning backdrop and views that can match your color palette!

Scout the grounds

Make sure to work with your photographer and someone at the winery to find good backdrops to use. Take advantage of more than just the traditional vineyards that may be around and think of textures. If you are not sure what the venue would have as good photography locations check their website. Usually they will have their best images online to showcase the venue. Then you’ll be prepared with what type of photos and videography you will get!


All and all, having a winery wedding is a great idea if done right! There are many more tips and ways to do things that will make your winery wedding unique. My recommendation is to have fun with it! Then, figure out what will work best for you, your partner and loved ones attending

Ready to book your winery wedding in The Black Hills of South Dakota?

If you answered yes, then make sure to take me with you! I would love to be a part of your wedding day and capture all the special moments for you. Fill out my contact form and we can get the planning started.

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