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Catholicism wasn’t always at the center of their relationship, but after the groom went through RCIA and joined the church, this couple is an inspiration. Paige and Jaren started dating in high school, so over time they’ve really grown together. At their wedding, with Christ as the focus, the two shared the most intimate first look and private Catholic foot washing ceremony.

MAUNDY: comes from the Latin “MANDATUM” or command which refers to the instructions Jesus gave His disciples at the Last Supper, where He also washed His disciples’ feet.

A unique unity ceremony, the washing of feet has been a tradition for a long time. It serves as a reminder of the willingness to serve others and the equality we should share. Jaren and Paige experienced this intimate Catholic foot washing ceremony alone. They had their first look moment and then chose to sit before Christ in the Church and read the passage where Jesus washed the disciples feet. Then, they each took turns removing shoes, washing, and drying each other’s feet. It was truly beautiful. Read along to find out more from their beautiful wedding experience!

Beautiful Catholic Foot Washing Ceremony + Wedding in Lemmon, SD

The morning started slow and steady. Upon arrival, I dove right into detail shots. Paige is an artist and a graphic designer, so she wanted to take extra care in the details she provided. One of the best things was the invitation sweet she designed herself! After details and the getting ready footage, it wasn’t long before we were ready for the bride and groom to see each other.

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screengrab from the final highlight film

Just a quick drive over to the church, the groom was waiting patiently for their first look. Jaren and Paige had decided to have a private first look barring anyone else besides the media team from the room. (I love a good first look for so many reasons, you can read them here.)

One of the best reasons to get the first look done before the walk down the aisle is the extra time it allows to create more memories with your wedding party! Unless you are having an early afternoon or morning wedding, first looks allow for a lot of wiggle in the schedule for photography and videography.

For Paige and Jaren, we went from the church to the little park near by where we did all of the wedding party photo/video. Then it was time for the wedding itself.

All in all the day was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining, the wind wasn’t very prevalent, and the laughter filled the air. There are always so many little moments from the day it’s hard to recap the wedding in words. The memory that will stick with me most? This absolutely emotional, intimate Catholic foot washing ceremony. Happy one year to Paige + Jaren.

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Sarah went above and beyond on our day! Highly recommend investing in a video to be able to look back on. Such a talent!

-Paige Beckman

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