Rapid City Seniors, Class of 2022 is Almost There


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Rapid City seniors are on the last leg of the semester. After Easter, graduation is right around the corner. Being a senior means that there will be a lot of lasts.

  1. Last prom.
  2. Last sports function (for some).
  3. Last bus ride.
  4. Last time seeing classmates (not always the case).

But it also means a lot of firsts: first time out of the house, setting your own schedule, job, etc. Rapid City seniors and seniors around the globe are about to make a big change in the next few months. With graduation coming soon and a big milestone for many, Rapid City Christian School senior, Carson knew that it also meant the deadline for senior photos was approaching fast.

When we began planning the session, I asked Carson what his interests were. His response was: photography, antiquities, and Abba. Fortunately, we found a way to incorporate all of that and his new puppy, Rudy, into his session.

I always ask my seniors what interests them because I want to capture that. I want to capture the essence of the person during their session and truly reflect who they are. Rapid City seniors are full of character and I am honored to be able to capture that through photography.

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