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Black Hills wedding and event planner, Created by Wyn (Wynter Childers) recently hosted a fun, glamorous, and empowering networking event. For me, it was a chance to get out of the house and mingle with other mompreneurs and women in business. Wynter has a special knack for what she does and intended the event to be very formal with a pink and black cocktail theme.

I recently purchased a new velvet pink dress for my upcoming trip to Ireland, and I figured, why not wear it more than once! The week before, I splurged and got a facial in preparation of the event, and the morning of the event, I went and got my nails done. I felt very professional and pampered.

I am in love with this photo of me. It’s not very often I see myself in front of a camera!

Other Vendors Involved

Venue: Studio 621

Keynote Speakers: Kayly Pikula, Brandy Rosenau, Jamie Gilcrease, and Kayla Williams

Photographer: Tristen Polensky, all photos credit to her

Florals: Kayly Shae Floral & Design Company

Backdrop/Balloon Arch: Garland Girls (stay tuned on The Pulse Podcast for their upcoming episode!)

After the event, Wynter sent us a list of quotes from the keynote speakers as well as several other women in business local to the Black Hills. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Write down your why. “Your why is your mission statement – your primary purpose for any decision or action.” Kayla Williams
  2. Stay organized on the backend of your business. “Think of the backend of your business like the foundation of a house, you don’t want to build a house on a shaky foundation. Creating organized systems ad work flows within your business will help you build a strong business foundation to grow upon.” Kelsey Spratt
  3. “Gain as much knowledge as you can.” Naomi Banks + “Be professional but personable so your clients feel like they know you.” Makaila Salmeron (The Garland Girls)
  4. “Treat everyone like a billionaire.” Wynter Childers

“Don’t be afraid to hire someone to do the things you don’t love to do in your business.”

– Kayly Pikula

I love that what Kayly shared at the event is the same thing that she shared on my podcast this season! Clearly for her, delegating tasks has helped elevate her business. So what are you going to change in your business so you can begin focusing on what you love?

Throughout the night, there were several chances to enter into a giveaway, too. The lucky winner just happened to be me! Honestly, I enjoyed the evening out on the town and getting to know so many wonderful women in my community.

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