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2023 is a year of many new things for many people. The Woodward family welcomed their newest member with a new set of Spearfish family photos. Cozying up on the couch, in-home lifestyle portraits are one of the least stressful ways to capture newborns and young children.

Packing up a few props, I buzzed up to the Northern Hills a couple of weeks ago. There, I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet baby, Isla, and her amazing family. Their home in Spearfish was perfect for a family photo session and really embodied who they are and what they love.

The simple boho and natural colors throughout the home provided the warmest atmosphere for newborn photos. One of the reasons I love in-home newborn sessions is because you can truly feel and be yourself. Upon arrival, little girl was ready for a snack! Of course, I am not going to stop that, so I encouraged mom to feed her and asked if she would mind if I snapped a few photos.

After baby girl finished eating, we hopped right into the whole family. Then, we followed by taking some photos of just the siblings, individuals of the parents, and then of course, some of Isla by herself.

Out of the whole session, I think the sibling photos are my favorite. This is what love looks like, and I only hope my kids are like this together someday!

Isla didn’t want to fall asleep for me, but she did such a good job. She was most curious about the window light. One thing she wasn’t going to budge on was my usual newborn wrap. That girl was ready to dance! I couldn’t believe how awake she was for being only 10 days old.

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