Winter Engagement Session in Spearfish Canyon


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GAHHH! This session gave me all the feels. For starters, Olivia and Kody are just too cute. Adding their fun attitude and adventurous spirit to this winter engagement session in Spearfish Canyon created a magical moment!

Because we live in the beautiful Black Hills, adventures often turn into moments without cellular service. Anytime I take clients into the canyon or out for hikes, I often ask to meet in a location prior so no one is lost. If someone is running late, you can also guarantee communication! I think communication is so key in any personal or professional relationship.

That being said, Olivia, Kody, and I met at the mouth of Spearfish Canyon and played follow the leader to three locations. The first is a location I will always cherish because it’s where my husband and I had photos for our wedding. It’s kind of a random pullout before you reach Bridal Veil, and it has some absolutely gorgeous views. When the sky is blue and the clouds are out, the colors are perfect and it showcases some of the natural landscape and outlines of the Hills.

The second location was the brick building at the Devil’s Bathtub hike parking area. I love to add a little pop of color, and it contrasted so well with the dull navy and olive colors Olivia and Kody chose.

Lastly, we walked the snow-packed, icy trail down to Spearfish Falls, and it was 100 percent worth it!

Why you should hire the same Wedding + Engagement Photographer

Olivia and Kody hired me to be their wedding photographer this upcoming fall, and one of the bonuses to working with me is the complimentary engagement session! Here are some reasons why that is so important:

  1. Comfortability. Your wedding or elopement is one of the most intimate and personal experiences. It is important that you meet with your media time so that you are 120 percent comfortable being around them and sharing in the little details and moments.
  2. Building Rapport. Along the same lines as number one, we get to know each other better. I get a better sense of your humor style (or lack of!) and you get a better idea of how I flow throughout a series of poses or candid shots.

During this winter engagement session, I felt like the three of us created a memorable experience, and I truly cannot wait to celebrate the wedding with them!


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