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And just like that The Winckels went from Mr. and Mrs. to “Mom and Dad!” I had the pleasure of first working with Stephanie and Eric at their wedding last summer. This June, they welcomed their newest family member home and asked me to be their photographer.

When you book a photographer, you are not only gaining beautiful memories and products to show for it, but you are gaining a connection. As I like to put it, you gain a friend! I am more than just the person with a camera. I am someone who has been in your shoes.

Bride-to-be, wife, first-time parent, CASA volunteer, self-employed, etc. We all wear different hats and go through stages of life. That’s why it’s important to really get to know your photographer and trust them.

As a photographer, I may be there for intimate moments of your life you never dreamed of sharing with anyone outside of your family. Overtime, you may even come to consider me as family.


Ask about a pregnancy bundle and check out my availability.

Top Reasons to Stay with Your Photographer

  1. We learn your style.
  2. Your fears and self-consciousness melt away.
  3. Consistency.

Possibly the best reason is this: the session doesn’t feel like just a photoshoot. In my opinion, when you stay with the same photographer through the years of growth, you come to look at sessions as moments. Memories.

For me, the most recent experience I had was a simple moving session. Who would have thought to take photos when packing up boxes? Or rolling a rug!? The best part of that session? The photographer was a friend, and has even taken photos in that specific room for us once already. The whole experience was moving and a memory I look forward to having for a long time.

What’s the next moment in your life we should document?

Come check out Eric + Stephanie’s wedding highlight film!

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