Through the Years, Family Photos Show Growth


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Family photos are everything. They show growth, love, emotion, moments. Freezing a single moment in time, you take home a memory of an experience you shared. You can share the love with your family as you send Christmas cards. Or opt to hang the images in your home to remind you and guests as they enter your home of the growth you’ve experienced.

For the Wesolicks, I have been documenting their journey from the beginning. It started with a “yes,” evolved to an “I do,” and is now a game of catching up with the kiddo.

Mark and Julie and I met through my husband, Isaac from the college Catholic student group. I never really thought we would be as good a friends as we are today. We grew together though. In 2020, Julie and I both married our husbands, and then, we both found out we were expecting. Our kids were born only two months apart from each other, and these family photos document their growth and journey.

When to Book Family Photos

  1. Are you welcoming a new family member?
  2. Are you entering a new stage of life?
  3. Did you celebrate a milestone, together?
  4. Did you have a good day?

Okay, that last one is my favorite. Why should you need a special occasion to book a photoshoot? Sometimes it is nice to just upload new photos to social media or share with your friends and family how you have changed, grown. And even though number four is “a good day,” sometimes it’s more important to book when you have a bad day! Let’s boost confidence and change the rainy days into one with rainbows and butterflies.

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