Getting in Front of the Lens for a Brand Photography Session


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Time to practice what I preach! I had so much fun with my brand photography session with Michele with One L and these photos speak for themselves. It is so insanely important to have photos of yourself, your product, and “behind the scenes” of what you do for your Clients to feel like they trust you or your vision.

Tips for your brand photography session!

I get it, as a photographer, I would much rather be behind the lens versus in front of. Because I dislike it, here’s a few takeaways from my branding session experience! As a photographer myself, I’ve seen both sides, so this little guide has a lot of value!

  1. Consider your brand identity. First off, what is brand identity? According to Google, your brand identity is a visible element that represents your business: color, design, logo, etc. When planning your brand session with your photographer, the easiest incorporation is your brand color scheme.
  2. Think about your workflow. From the minute your client hits send on your contact form to the very last bit of “off-boarding” or when you send a request for a review, what are the steps in your workflow? Example: a real estate agent’s flow might look like: inquiry, setting up a tour, sending a proposal, then a contract (maybe some back and forth), and finalizing with closing paperwork and celebrations! In this instance, we’d want a formal headshot, maybe a “stock image” of a tour, a photo with a laptop, signing, etc. Make sense?
  3. Don’t sleep on planning. Meet with your photographer. On the phone. Over video conferencing. For coffee or brunch… just meet with them. There’s a lot more than just a click of the button. Other things to think about: location(s), client involvement or models, props – remember to keep the colors consistent to your brand identity (see #1!), etc.

Some of my favorite photos from the brand session with Michele are the ones with my family. Family is one of the most important things in my life. They are my why. These few photos show just how family focused I am and shows some of the values in my brand and business!

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