Tips On Planning A Destination Elopement in Utah


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First off, I have to say, congrats! On deciding to elope! Elopements are the best and I love it when my couples decide that eloping is for them. You are deciding to do something completely untraditional and that’s amazing. Plus, what better place to do that than in Utah on a destination elopement?! The best part of deciding to elope in Utah is that there are so many beautiful locations to elope at, including five different national parks. If you are ready to elope in Utah then here are some important facts to know about Utah to make sure you are prepped and ready to go!

Choose Utah To Elope!

Utah is a beautiful place with many different locations to have your elopement at. As you may already know, Utah is full of lots of desert landscapes, red rocks and sandy vistas. There is so much more to Utah than that! Think, mountains and forests. This type of location is in northern Utah. So much diversity you can’t go wrong with planning your destination elopement here.

What To Consider When Planning Your Destination Elopement

The Utah Weather

The weather in Utah is very interesting… There are moments of very hot desert like weather during the summer, and the winter weather gets VERY cold and almost unbearable. When you are deciding to elope in Utah you have to make sure the type of wedding day you are wanting relates with the type of season. Think, are you wanting more of a snowy cold day? Or are you wanting a warm summery day? This will help figure out when to book your destination elopement or wedding!

The Beautiful Landscapes

The best part of eloping in Utah are that their are thousands of different backdrops that we can choose from! Being an elopement photographer means finding stunning places to have your special day at. Mountains, desert, trees, snow, red rock slot canyons, dry salt flats… the possibilities are endless.

The National Park Locations

There are so many national parks that you can choose from when deciding to elope in Utah. Here are a few that are my favorite:

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Monument Valley

Canyonlands National Park

Capitol Reef Resort

What looks like your favorite? And perfect place to have your elopement at?

Ready to plan your destination elopement in Utah with me by your side?

Let’s do it! Think of me as your go to elopement photographer that is ready to capture every detail of your day. Fill out my contact form and we can get started! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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