Welcome Back! The Pulse Takes New Direction in 2022


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New year, new podcast! Well… not really, but my branding and direction for The Pulse has taken a turn for the better. I am so excited to start this new season and journey with a clear idea and plan for the future of the podcast.

The Pulse is ready for what 2022 has in store, and I hope all of my listeners are as well. Spread the word.


INTRO: You’re listening to The Pulse, an artist podcast based out of Rapid City, South Dakota. Let’s chat about all things weddings!

I’m your host Sarah Grassel. Mother, wife, and entrepreneur.

I am a full-time destination and travel wedding photographer/videographer with a passion for telling stories through photo, video, and writing.

I’m also a published writer in several South Dakota magazines including Black Hills Lifestyle, Unveiled, Siouxland Woman, Motor Market, Black Hills Woman, and a few others. (Read more about me).

Thank you for joining me and for tuning into the show. Be sure to like and subscribe, and leave a comment on the episode to share your voice!

Hey there! I am so excited to be kicking off the new season next week with our first florist.

This passion project started in my last year of college at Black Hills State University, and I am so excited I can continue it into my brand and business.

All of my previous episodes will still be available for download and access from my website, but from here on out, most of my guests will be wedding vendors.

That isn’t to say they don’t create their art for other outlets, but all of my guests cater to couples in one way or another.

I just wanted to share a few notes going into the new direction of the podcast:

  • First and foremost, occasionally through this new season, my son James (who at the time of this recording, is only 7 months old) will probably be joining us as a co-host. He recently started daycare, but you never know! If that bothers you, this show might not be for you. While it is a podcast revolving around professionals and those looking for resources while planning their wedding, my business is founded on family and faith.
  • Second, I just want to thank every one of my previous guests for being so flexible and to everyone who has been so supportive of this project. 2022 is kicking off with some amazing, new, and exciting avenues for me and my brand. Be sure to spread the word and stay tuned for new episodes every month.
  • My goal is to publish a new episode every other week, but as of right now that plan is pretty flexible as The Pulse is a free podcast with limited funding. If you are interested in sponsoring an episode, feel free to connect with me and let’s chat about some options!
  • I also want to share that I have been working with the design and branding company With Grace and Gold to complete a new website! This website will be up (hopefully!) by the end of the month and will give everyone access to show notes and episodes. For those of you looking to contact guests throughout the episodes, all of that information will be in the descriptions of each episode as well as an exclusive bio and contact in the show notes on the website of the podcast.

Thank you all for walking this journey with me, let’s see what 2022 brings!

OUTRO: Every artist lives in their work.

Pulse is defined as an arterial palpation or a strong regular beating or throbbing. In this podcast, discover artists in the Black Hills who uncover new techniques and live passionately for their work to bring brides and couples something beautiful for their special day.

This podcast started as a connection with artists in The Hills and now focuses on wedding related artists and vendors. From florists to stylists, bakers, and more. Thanks for tuning in!

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