Mid December Monday Check In


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Holy cow; how did we get to December already!? The last few months have been absolutely insane.

This post is really just a dump of some of the photos we’ve taken. We have some fall photos from after our anniversary in October, some photos of him in his ADORABLE Thanksgiving onesie, and some new Christmas photos.

We also recently had a check-up:


18 pounds, 5 ounces

26 inches long

47 centimeters (head circumference)

We also broke our first tooth! His lower central incisor decided to make an appearance, and it is SHARP. So far, James is still breastfeeding as his main food, but we have really been diving into the world of food.

Isaac and I decided to mix approaches. Sometimes we choose to give him mush and pre-made baby food, but we are also including some baby-led weaning tactics.

James Loves:

Scrambled Eggs


Banana + Sweet Potato Teethers




James Isn’t So Sure About:

Green Beans


Real Bananas (we think it’s a texture thing)

Mashed Potatoes

I love trying new foods. James is always very expressive. Sometimes it’s very clear if he likes something and other times, it’s more challenging. Take strawberries for example. When we gave him the strawberry, he put it in his mouth and made the most disgusted and surprised face. Maybe it was too sour, or maybe he wasn’t a fan of the seeds. Who knows? Instead of spitting it out though, he continued to munch on it. He never gave up! Isaac and I aren’t exactly sure how to chalk that one up. Does he like it? Not sure.

Did you know you’re supposed to introduce the same food multiple times before determining whether or not they like it? Kids have a lot to consider when trying new foods. It’s crazy to think about!

As far as the pets go – so far Opal loves James. She is so patient and tolerant of him. We try to be very on top of him just in case he starts to pull hair or a tail, but she is so sweet. Buster on the other hand… well he still wants nothing to do with James. I was able to convince him to let James pet him once, but I could tell Buster really didn’t like it. We aren’t sure if he is afraid of him or if he just doesn’t like him. Only time will tell.

Clearly, we need some help with these self-timed family photos!

We couldn’t get one good photo before my patience ran thin and I decided to just move on to individual parent photos.

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