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Black Hills State University graduates Amanda and Maureen wanted to do something special for their session.

Amanda is graduating with her degree in elementary education. Maureen is graduating with a degree in environmental physical science.

Best friends, Amanda and Maureen met at the college cafeteria where they work. Students know it as “The Hive.”

Fast friends, the two roomed together on campus after sophomore year and continue to share memories until graduation this spring. What’s your favorite college memory?

Late night Netflix binging? Board games with friends? Hiking in the Hills?

Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.


From the beginning, Amanda and Maureen knew that they wanted something different – not your average senior session. The three of us began brainstorming ideas.

To celebrate properly, I thought back to my memories with Amanda as my roommate in college sophomore year… pizza. One thing that Amanda always went back to or had in our room was Domino’s pizza! Between that, champagne, and classy outfits, the perfect idea formed.

These graduates and I cooked up a vision of a real celebration in the Hills. We started out with the formal stuff in town The session began with Individual headshots and a couple of group photos that would look appropriate and timeless. After that we hopped in the car, had a quick outfit change, picked up some pizza, and headed to the perfect location.

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