Family Isn’t Always Blood – Cali + Adrian Mini Session


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Family is who you choose to love and support. This family session with Cali and Adrian was so much fun!

I met Cali when I was pregnant with James, and after visiting with her during several appointments, we grew to be friends. Shortly before she and her boyfriend took off in their RV, we got together for some fresh family photos! Cali and Adrian have two pups, Flash and Nacho. Nacho wasn’t up to snuff to be included on the family session, but Flash was ready.

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He is probably the best dog I have ever photographed. I couldn’t believe how well behaved he was. He looked right at me and sat down when asked with little to no fight! Flash definitely restored my faith in pet photography, that’s for sure.

Cali and Adrian were good sports at the session, too. We went to the bike path near Storybook Island in Rapid City. There’s a great little “beach” access to Rapid Creek. Kicking off their shoes, it didn’t take much convincing to get these two to dip their toes into the water.

Of course the best part was just capturing the candid goofiness these two love birds had to share with me. When I asked Adrian to pick Cali up, I certainly wasn’t expecting him to dangle her upside down. They definitely have a deep trust with one another… I am not sure if I would let Isaac do that to me!

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