An Intimate Destination Grand Tetons National Park Wedding


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This beautiful intimate destination wedding day was filled with many tears, memories and intention. They had a stunning outdoor wedding ceremony with all their close friends and family. We were all able to enjoy the stunning scenery and embrace the emotions that engulfed the entire day. It was truly so special! Everything from the personal readings during the ceremony to the moose randomly popping up made it an incredible day. Come take a peek at their destination Grand Tetons National Park wedding video!

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An Outdoor Grand Tetons National Park Wedding Day With Mikayla + Cory

Everyone that Mikayla and Cory love trekked across the country and into the beauty of the Grand Tetons. If you are looking for a breathtaking and adventure filled wedding ceremony location than Grand Tetons National Park should be on your list! It is such a beautiful location to hold your wedding or elopement. It was an amazing day to be a part of. Even a moose decided to join for photos shortly after the ceremony! Could it get any better than that?

This day was an absolute dream. The landscapes, the beautiful snow covered mountains and luscious grass and trees was perfection and the perfect setting for a destination wedding day. I loved Mikayla’s lace wedding dress and the decor details that they incorporated into their day. My goal is to capture all of those moments and share the memories with you all over again so then you have the same reaction that Mikayla and Cory had when they received their wedding video back: “Oh. My. God. crying all over again, we love it! you killed it, thank you so much!”!

Top 3 Tips On Planning A National Park Elopement

1. Pick out your favorite National Park for your elopement and time of year! There are so many beautiful locations that you could have your National Park elopement at and tons of different seasons that you’ll need to be aware of! If you need help figuring out what National Park location to choose HERE is the National Park website to search for ones near by you and all throughout the US. If you need extra support in this decision making process, let me know, I would be happy to assist!

2. Prepare to get a permit for your National Park elopement. Each National Park has different permit costs and requirements. They tend to range in price, anywhere from $150-$300 depending on the location and where at the National Park. My recommendation is to always find this out PRIOR to your elopement or wedding. No idea where to start with this process? I have it covered! Ask me, and we can figure out the details together!

3. Plan ahead and make sure you are prepared to have a Leave No Trace elopement or wedding day! Simply put, Leave No Trace is a set of ethics and best practices that we should follow to enjoy and protect the outdoors at the same time. Leave No Trace has a set of SEVEN minimum-impact principles that help guide our decision when we’re outside! Come learn more about it HERE to make sure you are hosting a Leave No Trace elopement or wedding day in the National Parks!

Looking for more tips on how to elope and planning your big day? Come look at more of my freebies that goes over how to budget for your wedding day, what to do the week before, how to change your last name and more!

Let’s Capture Your Love Like This Grand Tetons National Park Wedding Day!

Take this as your sign to go all in, and create the destination wedding day of your dreams! And then bring me along to capture it so you can cherish the memories and moments forever. If you are ready to start planning your special day with me by your side then count me in!


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