Ep. 031 – Kicking Up the Fun with a Mobile Bar, Karrie Perkins


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Take your wedding or elopement to the next level and hire a mobile bar for the day! You will never run out of fun (or alcohol). Karrie and Scott Perkins are transplants to the Black Hills and have brought some of their amazing ideas and trends with them, including The Drop Down Bar.

Join me in my discussion with Karrie as we discuss…

  1. What a mobile bar is and how it works.
  2. Kegged cocktails and other specialty drinks!
  3. Perks of having backyard games at your event.
  4. The dream of a not just a bar, but a mobile venue.

Karrie not only owns and operates the mobile bar, but she and her husband also build yard games that are for rent and furniture with their wood-working skills.

Be sure to follow The Drop Down Bar on Instagram and Facebook! You can also check out their website https://www.thedropdownbar.com to get more information on their rentals, pricing, and more.

A note to my audience: I no longer transcribe individual episodes. My free trial for my transcription service ran out so it would probably take me… I don’t know… forever to transcribe each individual episode. As much as I wish to cater to audiences of all kinds, I unfortunately don’t have the manpower to transcribe at this time. If you would like a better recap of some of the advice and have a disability or are unable to listen to the episode on the platforms where it is hosted, please contact me. I would be happy to sit down with you.

episode Recorded 09/27/2022  | Released 01/30/2023

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