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If you have a cocktail hour where you are off taking photos, you need to bring DJ C-Lo Entertainment to your wedding. He will keep your guests on their toes and keep the entertainment rolling! Did you know that disk jockey-ing at weddings is more than just controlling the music?

DJs make or break the mood and keep people on the dance floor. They control the flow of the night and provide quality audio. That last part is key to wedding videography!

Carlos and Jenni Llorens (pronounced J-orens) are the proud dynamic duo behind the business, and I recently had the pleasure of working with them! When I walked into the cocktail hour, guests were partying it up and mingling with each other more than at any other wedding I’ve seen. They played games, laughed, and had a blast.

Check out the reception from Taylor and Tracy’s wedding below and join me in my discussion with Carlos and Jenni as we primarily discuss just how to keep your guests entertained during the cocktail hour. We also dive into a little bit of fun you won’t want to miss out on after you arrive to the party.

Hint: Ever heard of South Dakota’s Got Talent?

Be sure to follow DJ C-Lo Entertainment on Facebook! You can also reach out to him directly at dj_c-lo_75@hotmail.com

A note to my audience: I no longer transcribe individual episodes. My free trial for my transcription service ran out so it would probably take me… I don’t know… forever to transcribe each individual episode. As much as I wish to cater to audiences of all kinds, I unfortunately don’t have the manpower to transcribe at this time. If you would like a better recap of some of the advice and have a disability or are unable to listen to the episode on the platforms where it is hosted, please contact me. I would be happy to sit down with you.

episode Recorded 10/04/2022  | Released 02/13/2023

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