James’ First Fall


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This fall has been a whirlwind. Going into it I’m not entirely sure I knew how crazy it was going to be. Coming out of it, I am thankful for everyone’s continued patience. I cannot believe that so many months flew by in such a flash.


James turned three months! His sleeping pattern changed and regressed a little bit, but we think part of that was due to the craziness of Isaac’s rally work schedule.


James had his first overnight stay without mom or dad. Not gonna lie, this was tough folks. James just turned four months, and Isaac was out of town for work. My best friend was getting married, so us girls planned on a little Bachelorette party in Deadwood. I left James with the babysitter a little before his bedtime and woke up at the crack of dawn to pick him up.

Leaving him with someone else that wasn’t dad overnight was extremely nerve-wracking. Everything turned out great, but for all you new parents out there, prepare yourself. I thought I was ready… it was going to be my first big night away from James and able to just be a young adult again. I was wrong. While, I did have fun with my friends, James was constantly running on my mind.


James got the okay to start real food however we felt comfortable to do so. The pediatrician didn’t have a preference for starting with rice or cereal versus vegetables or fruits. He just advised us to let James take the lead!

We decided to try a pumpkin mush from Beechnut because it’s fall, so why not!? James wasn’t really a fan. He’s still learning how to really eat and swallow off the boob.

James has tried:

  • pumpkin,
  • rice,
  • mashed potatoes,
  • applesauce,
  • a single carrot,
  • a pickle (on accident),
  • chocolate,
  • and whipped cream.

We love watching his facial expressions. They’re so cute! He may not be entirely ready to try food, but he seems so interested every time we sit to eat. James has gotten better at grabbing his bottle and feeding himself when we need to bottle feed, but breastmilk is still his main source of food! With all the traveling I did this month, we had to supplement with formula due to my low supply, but James took it like a champ.

Little man is also five months old now… hard to believe he will be half way to a year by Thanksgiving. This mom is about to get super emotional. He’s just growing so fast!

The family also took a trip to the pumpkin patch and corn maze. It was super windy and a tad chilly, but it was a nice outing as a family after a crazy busy few months.

And of course we had to make a cute lil photoshoot for Halloween. Isaac and I carved our own pumpkins and had a third larger pumpkin that we put James in.

He wasn’t a fan of being stuffed into the pumpkin at first, but we think it’s because he had just woken up from a nice, cozy, warm nap. After I fed him, he was much happier and we were able to take some more photos.

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