Planning A Winter Wedding In The Midwest


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So, you are looking to plan your winter wedding day in the Midwest but don’t know where to start and need some help? Let me help you with this process and give you some insight into what it’s like having your wedding day in winter in the midwest. As someone who lives in South Dakota and is very familiar with the weather, seasons and trends you are in good hands! Let’s get to some benefits and cons!

Benefits Of Having A Winter Wedding Day In The Midwest

There are many benefits to having a winter wedding day in the Midwest. But, let’s talk about the most common two. You might of already guessed it, but if not, then it’s the insanely beautiful landscapes and snow backdrops that can look really magical during your wedding. This could look like snow on mountaintops or all over the ground, or maybe twinkle Christmas lights in trees. There is something so special about getting married in the brisk, cold air on a snowy or rainy day! Another HUGE benefit is that the prices are usually lower during “off season” for venues! Win, win situation!

Look at this wedding that was in Black Hills of South Dakota where snow was everywhere and was so stunning:

Cons Of Having A Winter Wedding Day In Midwest

First things first, the weather is bipolar! Unfortunately, you can’t count on the beautiful snow that is also our biggest pro… and its always a good idea to have backup plans if there is snow that you were not planning for or poor weather! The weather can also cause problems with floral and getting exactly what you want due to some floral being out of season during winter. Another con and something to be cautious of is that the sunset ends faster which means darkness comes sooner. This can effect how much time we have for your bridal portraits and how much time we can spend outdoors without freezing ourselves!

This simple list of pros and cons gives just a glimpse into what it looks like if you are thinking of having your wedding in the off season in Midwest. Of course, there are plenty of other factors that can come into play! Thinking of all possibilities and situations that can happen is always a great idea when planning for your wedding day! Don’t worry, I can help along the way!

For more inspiration, here is another Midwest wedding in the off season in the North Dakota area:

Take this as your sign to go all in, and create the wedding day of your dreams making sure you have backup plans, just in case! And then bring me along to capture it so you can cherish the memories and moments forever. If you are ready to start planning your special day with me by your side then count me in!


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