Surprise Father Daughter Dance Organized by Groom


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I’ve said it once; I will say it again. My favorite parts from each wedding or elopement are the moments that make your day truly you-nique. For Miranda and Kyle, this surprise father daughter dance that was organized by Kyle himself was one of the most special memories I’ve witnessed.

This dance was a tear-jerker. I already knew that the day was going to be full of surprises. On my questionnaire that I send to couples, I ask about the possibility of unplanned events and surprises. In theory, it’s great when everyone is surprised. but I don’t really think that applies to your wedding photographer and videographer team. Kyle made sure to inform both Isaac and myself ahead of time so we could prepare to capture the experience.

Miranda’s father passed away before he ever had the opportunity to walk his little girl down the aisle. Struggling to find a way to include and honor him, Miranda and Kyle opted to include this memorial table in the reception at the Blue Bell Lodge. In addition, Kyle planned this unique father daughter dance with the influential men of Miranda’s life.

One by one, they walked up and tapped on the previous gentleman’s shoulder to swap for a chance to dance with the beautiful bride. It is one father daughter dance I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Another part of wedding prep with Wandering Wilde Media is gathering of details.

What does that mean? Photographers do detail shots while you are finishing your getting ready. When you work with me, I like to send a list of all the possible details for you to gather for me before I arrive so I can hop to work right away.

One of the unique details that was added to the box for Miranda and Kyle was this tie. Kyle had picked out a separate tie with Miranda, one that she expected him to wear when they saw each other at opposite ends of the aisle. However, that was not the tie he intended to wear. Instead, this tie was one of many that Miranda’s father had. It was another father daughter surprise that made the day that much more memorable.

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