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After having my own son more than a year ago, I truly recognized the beauty of birth photography. Adding that as one of the services I offer, being a photographer during such an intimate moment is truly a blessing and an honor.

Having made the decision to expand my work and offer birth photography, I made it known in my area that it was something I was taking seriously. Amy and Josh have been clients of mine for a little while now with their daughter, and I was so excited when Amy told me they were expecting again. That’s when we started talking about what birth photography could look like for them!

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When it came down to it, Amy and Josh were on top of communication. That is the biggest necessity in birth photography – making sure everyone is on the same page!

I knew the minute Amy was in the hospital. Even though she had been through it before, Amy was a little nervous this time around and scheduled an induction. Inductions are great because we know roughly a better timeline to expect for heading to the hospital. However, as a birth photographer, we are used to false alarms. We know Braxton Hicks contractions are real, and we know anxiety can get high.

We are also on call for two weeks before and after the expected due date! Babies work on their own timeline!

The experience was beautiful and quite enlightening. Amy and I had two very different births, but I definitely fell in love with my job all over again! These photos just show it all. The pure, raw, and true emotion from everyone in the room was breathtaking.

So if you’re expecting, let’s chat about capturing your birth story!!

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